November 25th, 2019

Infolinx Adopted by Princeton University Library’s Records Management Team

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November 25, 2019, Kensington, MD – Infolinx announced today that the records management team at the Princeton University Library has implemented Infolinx as a part its new, modern records and information management program.

The Records Management team launched Infolinx to enable it to manage and govern records across the University according to its information governance guidances, which cover records typically found in an institution of higher learning. In the near future, the Princeton University Library may expand coverage to bulk items like furniture and supply materials.

Infolinx enables the Princeton University Library to implement a new and expanded, modern record tracking system, providing the Records Management team greater visibility and control of active and archival records across the university’s departments.

In addition, the Records Management team will use Infolinx for improved records security, utilizing its multi-level security settings to restrict access to PII and other sensitive information based on a person’s role or department. The records management team can also activate its pre-implementation barcode tracking system to manage its warehouse space for offsite active records by assigning records to available space – this helps the team locate records faster and more efficiently utilize their storage space.

The records management team takes a proactive approach to its information management strategy by looking ahead to see how they can further expand, connect, and implement university best practices and technology for all active and archival records – paper hard copies, electronic files and tracked physical assets.

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